Year 1 - August

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Year 1, August - The Story of Jesus by Mark and Luke

Year 1, August 1, The Centurion and The WomenMark 15:38-41


What happened in the Temple when Jesus died?

What did the Centurion say about Jesus?

Who were some of the women watching Jesus die?

What had these women done?

Year 1, August 2, Jesus is BuriedMark 15:42-47


Who asked Pilate for Jesus’ body?

What surprised Pilate?

What did Joseph do with Jesus’ body?

Who saw him do it?

Year 1, August 3, The WomenMark 16:1-4


Who bought spices to anoint Jesus’ body?

Which day of the week and what time did they go to the tomb?

What worried them?

What did they find?

Year 1, August 4, The Young ManMark 16:5-8


Who did the women see in the tomb?

How did they feel?

What did the young man tell them about Jesus?

What did he want the women to tell? Did they?

Year 1, August 5, Jesus AppearsMark 16:9-13


When did Jesus rise from the dead?

Who did He appear to first?

Who else did He appear to that day?

Did His followers believe it?

Year 1, August 6, Jesus goes to HeavenMark 16:14-20


Who did Jesus appear to next?

Why did He rebuke them?

Where did He tell them to go and what did He tell them to say?

Where did Jesus go then?

Year 1, August 7, Zechariah and ElizabethLuke 1:5-10


What was Zechariah?

What did Zechariah and Elizabeth not have?

Were they young or old?

What was Zechariah specially chosen to do in the Temple?

Year 1, August 8, Gabriel and ZechariahLuke 1:11-17


Who spoke to Zechariah?

What did the angel promise him?

How was their child to be special?

What would their son prepare?

Year 1, August 9, Gabriel, Zechariah and ElizabethLuke 1:18-25


What did Zechariah ask the angel?

What was the angel’s name?

How was Zechariah punished for not believing?

What did Elizabeth say when she knew she was to have a baby?

Year 1, August 10, Gabriel and MaryLuke 1:26-33


Who did Gabriel visit next? Where?

How did Mary feel when Gabriel spoke to her?

What did Gabriel tell her?

Year 1, August 11, Gabriel and MaryLuke 1:34-37


What puzzled Mary?

What did the angel tell her about her baby?

What did the angel tell her about Elizabeth?

What did Mary say?

Year 1, August 12, Mary Visits ElizabethLuke 1:39-45


Where did Mary go to meet Elizabeth?

What did Elizabeth’s baby do when Mary greeted her?

Who filled Elizabeth?

What special title did she call Mary?

Year 1, August 13, Mary's SongLuke 1:46-50


What names did Mary call the Lord?

Who will call her blessed?

What did the Lord do for her?

Year 1, August 14, Mary's SongLuke 1:51-56


Who has God scattered?

Who has He lifted up?

How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?

Year 1, August 15, John is BornLuke 1:57-61


Who shared Elizabeth’s joy when her baby was born?

What did they want to call him?

What did Elizabeth want to call him?

Year 1, August 16, John is NamedLuke 1:62-66


What did Zechariah write?

What happened then?

How did the neighbours feel?

Year 1, August 17, Zechariah's ProphecyLuke 1:67-75


Who filled Zechariah?

What has God come and done for His people?

Who did God make a holy covenant with?

How many days are God’s people able to serve Him?

Year 1, August 18, Zechariah's ProphecyLuke 1:76-80


What did Zechariah say his son would be called?

How will people come to know about salvation?

What do we know about John as a child and young man?

Year 1, August 19, Jesus is BornLuke 2:1-7


Which Caesar ordered a census of the entire Roman world?

Why did Joseph go to Bethlehem?

Who went with him?

Why did Mary put Jesus in a manger or animal feeding trough?

Year 1, August 20, The Shepherds and the AngelsLuke 2:8-14


Where were the shepherds and their sheep?

How did they feel when the angel appeared?

What did the angel tell them?

What happened then?

Year 1, August 21, The Shepherds and JesusLuke 2:15-20


What did the shepherds decide to do when the angels left them?

Who did they find?

What did the shepherds do then?

What did Mary do?

Year 1, August 22, Baby JesusLuke 2:21-24


How old was the Baby when he was officially named “Jesus”?

Who gave him that name?

Why did Mary and Joseph take Him to Jerusalem?

What sacrifice did Moses say they should make?

Year 1, August 23, Old SimeonLuke 2:25-32


Who was the righteous and devout old man?

What did the Holy Spirit tell him?

Who did Simeon meet at the Temple?

What did he do with the Baby Jesus?

Year 1, August 24, Simeon and MaryLuke 2:33-35


How did Jesus’ parents react to Simeon’s words?

What did Simeon do then?

What weapon did he say would pierce Mary’s soul?

Year 1, August 25, Old Anna and Baby JesusLuke 2:36-40


What do we know about Anna?

Who did she speak about to Joseph and Mary?

What did Joseph and Mary do then?

How does Luke describe the child Jesus?

Year 1, August 26, The Boy JesusLuke 2:41-45


Why did Jesus’ parents go to Jerusalem every year?

What happened there when Jesus was twelve?

How long did they travel home without him?

Year 1, August 27, The Boy JesusLuke 2:46-52


How long did it take Jesus’ parents to find him?

What was He doing?

How did his parents react?

What did Jesus call the Temple?

Year 1, August 28, John the BaptistLuke 3:2-6


Who were the High Priests when John started hearing God’s Word?

Where was he?

What sort of baptism did he preach?

What did he say about hills and valleys, paths and roads?

Year 1, August 29, John the BaptistLuke 3:7-14


What animal did John call the crowds who came to him?

Which Old Testament father did they trust in?

How were the crowds, the tax collectors and the soldiers to show their repentance?

Year 1, August 30, John the BaptistLuke 3:15-17


Who did the people think John might be?

What sort of baptism did John perform?

How would Jesus baptise?

What did John say about shoelaces/thongs?

Year 1, August 31, John the Baptist and JesusLuke 3:18-22


Which king did John rebuke?

What did Herod do?

When John baptised Jesus, who came upon Him like a dove?

What did He say about Jesus?