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Today's Readings

Year 1, February 27, Jesus Heals A WomanMark 5:25-34


How long had the woman been bleeding?

What did she want to do?

What did the disciples say to Jesus?

What did Jesus say to the woman?

Year 2, February 27, The Lost SheepLuke 15:1-7


What did the scribes and Pharisees grumble about?

How many sheep did the man leave to look for the lost sheep?

What does he say to his friends and neighbours?

Where is there joy over one sinner who repents?

Year 3, February 27, Paul In RomeActs 28:17-22


Who did Paul call together?

How did he explain what brought him to Rome?

Had the local Jews had letters about Paul?

What did they want to hear more about?

Year 4, February 27, The Fall Of JerusalemJeremiah 39:1-5


When did Nebuchadnezzar’s army break through the wall of Jerusalem?

What did Zedekiah and his soldiers do?

Where did the Chaldeans overtake him?

Where did they take him?