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Today's Readings

Year 1, October 29, Build on the RockLuke 6:46-49


If we call Jesus ‘Lord’, what are we to do?

Who built his house on the rock?

What happened when the flood come?

What happened to the house without a foundation?

Year 2, October 29, Barnabas and SaulActs 13:4-8


Where did Barnabas and Saul proclaim the word of God?

Who was the Jewish false prophet they met?

Who was the proconsul?

What did Elymas the magician try to do?

Year 3, October 29, Manasseh2 Kings 21:1-6


How old was Manasseh when he began to reign?

Did he do what pleased the Lord?

Where did he build altars to false gods?

Who did he sacrifice as an offering?

Year 4, October 29, Betrayal and ArrestMatthew 26:47-50


Who came with Judas?

What sign did Judas give them?

What did Jesus say?

What did the enemies do?