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Today's Readings

Year 1, January 29, JobJob 40:15-24


What large animal did God speak about first?

What metals are his bones and limbs like?

Where does he get his food?

Is he frightened by flooded rivers?

(You can also read about Leviathan in chapter 41.)

Year 2, January 29, SamsonJudges 16:28-31


Who did Samson call out to?

What did he hold on to?

What happened to the building?

Who buried Samson in his father’s tomb?

Year 3, January 29, David And Mephibosheth2 Samuel 9:1-5


Why did David want to be kind to Saul’s family?

Who was Saul’s servant?

Who was still left of Saul’s family?

What disability did he suffer?

Year 4, January 29, 24 Elders And 7 SpiritsRevelation 4:4-6a


Describe the 24 elders?

Where did they sit?

What came out of the throne?

What was before the throne?